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New in 2013

New in 2013: A Letter from André

The Current Landscape

In 2012 we saw a consolidation of sales in categories that are important to us. Sherry continued to grab the attention of the consumer and will continue to do this for the coming year. Txakoli sales are as strong as ever and Galicia surprises at every turn with its incredibly expansive palate.

In more traditional areas of Spain, one pressing issue is the proliferation of “brands”. This effectively dilutes the marketplace and creates downward pressure on pricing. Staying true to only importing wines from family estates has helped to continue the interest in our portfolio.


As part of many events we staged in 2012, we scheduled the second in a series of educational encampments in select regions of Spain. In 2011 our inaugural event was Sherry Camp. This past year we had Rioja Camp. This was an amazingly successful event that was fully documented with new videos becoming available on our site. In 2013 we will schedule our third event in Galicia. In addition, stateside we participated in Txikifest and Sherryfest; both very successful events.


We will continue to explore new ground in Spain by pushing for authenticity. Our search in Spain continues through a focus on artisan spirits. We will begin by bringing in regional products from Galicia and the Basque Country.

We are also continuing our search in France. Looking directly at my own heritage (my grandfather was from Haute-Savoie) and continuing to follow areas close to the Pyrenees, we have come up with some very exciting new wines to be released this year.

All of this is only possible with your continued support. Thank you for being such an integral part of all these projects.