What's New in January

What's New in 2011

We have plenty of new things going on this year.

In Rioja we commissioned a traditional wine from Luberri. The tradition of the Alava region, up until recently, has always been for fresh, fruit driven wines of moderate alcohol levels. This is exactly what Florentino has crafted for release in the spring. We also have a new wine for Conde de Hervías' Mencos line: Blanco. Continuing this focus on Rioja we also have a very special new addition which will be unveiled later this month. Rioja continues to be an area of incredible discoveries.

In Galicia, Gerardo Mendez of Do Ferreiro has put together a wine called Amizade from the region of Monterrei. It is made up of Godello, Doña Blanca and Albariño and scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in time for summer.

In the south of Spain in Jerez we are adding two new Sherry projects. In our search for artisan houses that remain independent we came across a tiny little bodega in El Puerto de Santa Maria that makes a terrific fino. The house, known as Grant, has been around for five generations and is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. We have also been looking to find old vines of Moscatel in Chipiona, a region well known for Moscatel but never given its day in the sun. This area is where all the great Moscatel grapes are grown but up until 2007 the wineries were not permitted to export under their own labels. Cesar Florido has been there for five generations and his family name is eponymous with Chipiona Moscatel. We will be bringing in three new wines from this great bodega.

We are also going back to our roots looking for original projects in France. André spent November traveling through forgotten regions of France and met some incredible farmers. There will be more information about some of these exciting finds as they start being released this year.

We are also excited to announce that we have Steven Alexander joining us as our East Coast Representative. Heralding from Chicago, Steven was the Wine Director for Spaggia for the last four years. It is exciting to have such a great team assembled for our sixteenth year bringing in fine wines from Spain and France!