What's New in January

Happy New Year!

Last month we said to toast the holidays with Cava Avinyó but we're not done with Cava or toasting. Now it is time to toast the New Year with the winners of our Cava Cocktail Contest.

The competition was stiff and the judging was brutal (hey, someone has to sit around and drink cocktails all day). We narrowed the entries down to our three winners plus an honorable mention. The mixologists who created these winning cocktails will each receive a hand painted porron by featured artist Fausto Morales.

And now, the winners of the Cava Cocktail Contest are...

First Place: Saint 75
by Neyah W. of Nopa Restaurant in San Francisco, California

Second Place: Nemi Setenta y Cinco
by Matt M. of Encore in Los Vegas, Nevada (recipe originally created for Nemi in Mexico City)

Third Place: Carolina Classic Cocktail
by Liza R. of South Carolina

Honorable Mention: Bocce Ball
by Allison and Fernando A. of New Jersey

We like to thank everyone who submitted a recipe last year, we enjoyed all of them and we invite you to submit a new recipe for our upcoming 2009 Cocktail Contest. In February we will be unveiling our second annual Cocktail Contest so check back next month for our official announcement and all the details.