When Telmo Rodriguez left Remelluri - his family winery - to found his own company, he and his partner Pablo Eguzkiza were looking around Spain for new projects. They spent a lot of time reading old books, picking up hints of where and how the famed wines of older times were made. In the course of their research, they came across the "mountain wines" of Málaga, beloved of the English. Less famous than sherry, the wines of Málaga were at a substantial disadvantage, commercially speaking, from their Andalucian neighbors: the wines were made in a rugged, mountainous inland area, rather than right by a major port. As such, the wines eventually simply faded into obscurity, but Telmo and Pablo were determined to recover the glory of Málaga's mountain wines. Thus was born Molino Real.

Molino Real is a partnership between Telmo and Pablo with local growers. Moscatel bush vines are planted at over 500m elevation, with southeastern exposure on shallow slate soils with low water retention. The facings are steep, extreme, and as such all vineyard work is done manually.

As is traditional, the grapes for the sweet wines are dried on cañas, reed, mats in the sun. Frames are set up so that temporary roofing can be used in case of rain. After drying, the grapes go through a selection process, with only the best bunches being kept for winemaking. As such, the grapes actually undergo two different selections: one during the harvest, which is done by hand, and another after the drying, meaning that only the very best grapes are left to be pressed.

The result is rich, long-lived, sweet wines that honor the tradition and history of the "mountain wines" of Málaga.