Marcel Couturier

Marcel Couturier comes from a long line of vignerons in the southern Mâconnais. Until recently, he had been selling his grapes off to the local coop, all the while preparing to start making his own wine. In 2005, he started bottling some wine under his own label, and slowly but surely he is selling off less and less of grapes and making more of his wine. In 2014 he completed the building of a new winery, which will allow for a large increase in production.

Marcel farms 11 hectares of vineyards total in a number of different appellations: Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Loché, Saint-Véran, Macon-Loché, Macon-Vinzelles, and Macon Blanc. Most of these vines are quite old: plenty of parcels are 70+ years old, most of his "young" vines are 30 years old.

In the vineyards, no chemicals are used. Marcel is also a big believer in plowing and working his soil, doing it almost obsessively to aerate the soil and manage growth.

In the winery, the approach is pretty hands-off. Almost everything is fermented and aged in barrel, with an average of 20% new wood, depending on the year. Fermentation happens slowly, with alcoholic fermentation often not finishing until January and malolactic fermentation sometimes going on through the summer. The wines are bottled right before harvest of the following year.