Keg Selections


Wine in kegs is rapidly becoming an important presence in the restaurant world. And why not? It’s efficient, cost-effective, and it significantly reduces pile of empty bottles at the end of the night. For by-the-glass pours, it’s a no-brainer. When it comes to quality, terroir-driven European wines, though, keg availability and selection is generally limited and inconsistent.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer a wide and expanding range of wines, ciders, and vermouths in 20L format. Our selection is focused on the vin de soif category, with an emphasis on freshness, versatility, and drinkability.

These wines are not one-time or limited offerings, but are available year-round as part of our regular inventory.

Technical Information & Specifications

All of our kegs come in 20L PolyKegs or UniKegs. These one-way, PET plastic kegs are 100% recyclable and connect using the standard Sankey D valve found in most keg couplers and systems in the US. We recommend the use of nitrogen for still wines and CO₂ for sparkling wines but please consult your keg technician for best results.