Jacoulot Les Grands Âges
20 Ans d’Âge Fine de Bourgogne

Les Grands Âges 20 Ans d’Âge Fine de Bourgogne

Jacoulot’s Fine Bourgogne, Burgundy’s answer to Armagnac and Cognac, is distilled from a base wine of pinot noir that has been fermented to around 6-8% alcohol. Jacoulot distills its fine between November and March each year, using a mobile alembic still to match the natural rhythms of the harvest and the winemaking process. After distillation the spirit is transported to Jacoulot’s cellars and left to rest in French oak barrels. 228 liter barriques and 600-700 liter demi-muids are used for élevage, and 10,000 liter foudres are used for blending.

Burgundy’s cool climate makes for ideal cellar temperature and humidity. The properly cellared and aged spirits are cut with water at blending to produce an alcohol level of 43%. No other additives are used.

  • Source 100% de-stemmed pinot noir pomace
  • Aging Minimum 20 years