Thierry Tissot 2015 Harvest

Thierry Tissot Harvest

A mild spring brought a rapid start to the growing season, with budbreak in early April. Spring rainfall was normal, but the summer was exceptionally dry: 101mm of rain in July and August, compared with a normal average of 159mm. Even more exceptional was the heat, with average high of 31,5°C, as opposed to the normal 27°C (the temperature even peaked at 38.8°C in July!).

Thierry Tissot Harvest

This year green harvest was needed only on the mondeuse, which is indicative of the intense concentration in the grapes. The health of the fruit was also excellent, and almost no sorting was needed at harvest time. The small amount of rain in July was just enough to keep the vines from being too stressed, but it kept yields fairly low.

Thierry Tissot Harvest

The summer heat certainly accelerated the maturation of the grapes, so harvest this year began on September 4th, 12 days earlier than average. Harvest ended with the picking of the mondeuse on September 19th.

All in all, 2015 had low yields but very ripe, healthy fruit, which bodes very well for the wines.

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