Ostatu 2015 Harvest

Ostatu Harvest

At Ostatu, 2015 will be remembered chiefly for how early harvest occurred. June and July were exceptionally warm, and this brought the vegetative cycle forward nearly 2 weeks. The other result was incredibly healthy, high quality grapes.

Ostatu Harvest

Harvest started early this year, on September 16th, with the picking of the white grapes though the 19th. This was followed by two days of picking Garnacha and a few parcels of Tempranillo for rosé. The harvest of Tempranillo for the reds began on the 22nd, starting with the youngest, most precocious vines, and moving on to the older vines for the crianzas and reservas.

Ostatu Harvest

This year, following individual sites closely was crucial to beginning harvest at the right moment, since the vegetative cycle was so far ahead of normal. Additionally, grape selection at the entrance to the winery was very important because of hail in certain of the more eastern parcels at the beginning of September. Overall, the impact of this hail was not huge, but the affected grapes did need to be carefully sorted.

The first impressions for the whites are that they will have great fruit character, with alcohol and acidity levels very similar to last year’s. For the reds, alcohol levels will be slightly higher, with good color and structure.

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