Luberri 2015 Harvest

Luberri Harvest

The 2015 harvest at Luberri was very good both in terms of quantity and quality, even if it’s not one for the history books.

The winter was cold and and wet, allowing for good water reserves to develop. Budbreak occurred a full 10 days earlier than normal due to a warm spring, but without any problems. The summer was hot and dry, but the vines had sufficient water reserves and did not suffer.

Luberri Harvest

Due to early budbreak, harvest was also early in 2015, beginning on September 16th. But the different parcels were harvested over a long time depending on their maturation, so the harvest did not finish until October 4th.

Due to their specific system of pruning and vine management, at Luberri they can regulate production fairly accurately, so long as the weather cooperates. As there were no climatological issues this year, production was exactly average, at 6200 kg/hectare. The grapes were healthy and of good quality. The alcohol levels will be between 13.8 and 14.8%, with good acidity for balance.

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