La Zorra 2015 Harvest

La Zorra Harvest

Broadly speaking, the 2015 harvest was marked by a dry season, with little rain and high temperatures, which resulted in small, concentrated berries and low yields. The quality of these incoming grapes was truly exceptional, though: the dry weather meant a complete absence of diseases, and the grapes were harvested in an absolutely flawless sanitary state.

La Zorra Harvest

Harvest occurred rather earlier than normal this year due to the hot summer temperatures. The first grapes came into the winery on August 31st and the last ones on September 19th. The Rufete was harvested first, followed by the Aragonés, Calabrés, and Rufete Blanca. As always, a first grape selection occurred in the vineyards, and a second on the sorting table at the winery. The grapes were then vinified separately by variety and soil type.

Alcohol levels will be around 12.5% for the Rufete and Rufete Blanca, and closer to 14% for the Aragonés, with acidity levels around 6-6.5g/L. Interestingly, despite how different this year was from the previous one, the analytics are not in the end that dissimilar.

La Zorra Harvest

Agustín and Javier could not be happier with the way the 2015 vintage is looking.

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