Ameztoi 2015 Harvest

Ameztoi Harvest

This year’s vegetative cycle got off to a difficult start, with plentiful rains and low temperatures into the month of June. After this, though, the summer was warm, with abundant sunshine, and these conditions held through harvest time. This dry weather meant that there was very little disease in the vineyards, and the spring rains ensured there was a good water supply for the vines.

Harvest started September 21st and went through October 14th. The grapes came into the winery with potential alcohol level of 10.5%, with some parcels reaching 11%. The acidity levels were at precisely the desired degree: between 7.5 and 8 g/L.

Great ripeness and balanced acidity levels both point towards 2015 being a great vintage, at least as good as 2014.

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