Xarmant 2014 Harvest

Xarmant Harvest

Overall, the vegetative cycle at Xarmant this year was fantastic, without any notable issues. The harvest was abundant and of high quality, with a total lack of botrytis, and an alcohol level around 12%.

Xarmant Harvest 2014

This year budding first began at the beginning of April. Flowering, at the end of May and the beginning of June, occurred in ideal conditions. A slight excess of humidity in July was easily dealt with in the vineyards, and it even turned out to be helpful to ripening later in the summer.

August saw normal temperatures and gentle winds from the south, ideal for ripening, and the weather stayed warm through September.

Harvest started on October 1st and went through October 11th, approximately 2 weeks earlier than normal. The quantity harvested was around 35% more than last year, which reflects the fact the 2013 was particularly difficult.

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