Trabanco 2014 Harvest

Trabanco Harvest

As per usual, the mayanza (the Asturian term for apple harvest) lasted from the end of September through the beginning of December. One of the particularities of this harvest is that we got a most of our fruit towards the beginning, rather than seeing a more even distribution.

Trabanco Harvest 2014

This year’s fruit is of very high quality. Much of this is due to the continuous improvements and hard work we’ve been doing in the orchards. This work shows in the more regular quantity of apples we’re getting year to year. This is quite an achievement since many apple varieties tend to give a good harvest only every other year, resulting in big year-to-year variations.

Trabanco Harvest 2014

In Asturias this year, the weather was all over the place, alternating periods of rain and dryness, hot and cold. Flowering happened a couple of weeks later than normal due to one of these cold spells in April and May.

But our general impression is that this is great harvest: even if quantities aren’t huge, the quality of the fruit is fantastic.

- Gloria