Ostatu 2014 Harvest

Ostatu Harvest

This vintage is notable for an early start to the vegetative cycle, due to a very warm spring. Development slowed as the summer progressed, however, with the month of August being cooler than normal. Things picked up again in September, that warmer weather was accompanied by frequent storms. The last days in September in particular the temperatures were quite high, and this, combined with heavy morning dew, brought forward the harvest date in the lower altitude vineyards.

Ostatu Harvest 2014

On the 25 of September, harvesting began with the Viura and Malvasia for the white wine, a full ten days earlier than last year.

The harvest of white grapes lasted through September 30th. The following couple days, the Garnacha was harvested, as was the Tempranillo for the rosé. The rest of the tempranillo was then harvested successively for the young wines, then for the crianzas and the other special wines.

Ostatu Harvest 2014

Grape selection was very severe this year. The wet weather in the late stages of ripening meant that where vegetation wasn’t well managed, you started seeing the rapid development of botrytis, which will affect many wines from Rioja this year. At Ostatu, they managed this issue preventatively, by reducing foliage and green harvesting at the end of August. This was key to a successful harvest this year.

The early analyses of the wines show that the 2014 whites will be quite fruity, with slightly less alcohol than 2013, and a very balanced acidity. In the reds, we are seeing a nice integration of the fruit and good structure so far, with very fresh aromas. Alcohol levels should be similar to last year.

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