Joan d'Anguera 2014 Harvest

Joan d'Anguera Harvest

Overall, 2014 has been a cool year Montsant. The beginning of spring was particularly cold and rainy. This caused some small issues with mildew and oidium, but nothing too serious. June and July were dry but cool. Temperatures went up in August, but stayed within the normal range. The result was very healthy grapes with very even ripening.

Joan d'Anguera Harvest 2014

Harvest began this year on August 18th and ended on September 9th. There was a little bit less quantity than last year, but the quality of the fruit was excellent, with more homogeneity and balance than in 2013. Alcohol levels will be between 13 and 14.5%, with tartaric acid between 5.5 and 6 grams per liter.

As always, harvest was done manually. None of the grapes were de-stemmed. No sulfur added when the grapes came in. Fermentation was started with indigenous yeasts. No pumps are used during maceration. All this is done with the intention of creating the purest representation the terroir. 2014 is looking like a very good vintage at Joan d'Anguera.

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