Garciarevalo 2014 Harvest

Garcairevalo Harvest

The character of the wines this year will be marked be drought: in Rueda, it didn't rain for nearly six months. Luckily, the small harvest from the previous year meant that leftover water reserves were still plentiful. Another positive is that diseases such mildew, botrytis, and oidium were non-existent due to the lack of humidity.

Garciarevalo Harvest 2014

Maturation was slow and steady, with great temperature variation between night and day during this growing season. Harvest began 15 days later than normal, due to the drought.

The wines this year will have modest alcohol levels. The juice from the old vines is showing alcohol around 13% and tartaric acid at 6.5g/L.

The initial impression of the must is that there is an aromatic intensity and concentration as a result of the dry conditions, which bodes well for this year's wines.