Doniene Gorrondona 2014 Harvest

Doniene Gorrondona Harvest

This year, the vines started budding in the middle of March. It was a mild spring, with average rainfall for our area, and it resulted in a nice flowering at the beginning of June.

Doniene Gorrondona Harvest 2014

Except for the very beginning of July, the summer was cooler than normal. Véraison was slow and went on into the third week of August.

September and October were both very sunny. The little precipitation in the region occurred in the form of storms, many of which didn’t hit the Bakio valley. During this time, we also had a steady wind from the south, which helped keep the grapes healthy.

The only real health issue happened in July, when there was worry about mildew and downy mildew, but our treatments worked well and there were no great consequences. The dry weather in September meant there was no botrytis, and the grapes we harvested were among the healthiest we’ve ever seen.

Doniene Gorrondona Harvest 2014

Harvest occurred between September 24th and October 7th, with a team of 14 pickers.

Potential alcohol levels are between 11.6% and 13.6%, and the malic acid levels are moderate.

We are watching the evolution of the wines now. We are working with the lees, which is fleshing out of the wines and making them rounder. Our initial impression is of very good material that should make some interesting and elegant wines.

- Itziar

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