Conde de Hervías 2014 Harvest

Clos Cibonne Harvest

The 2014 vintage stands out for the great health of the harvested grapes, thanks to good weather and lots of work managing the vegetation throughout the year.

Luckily, our vineyards were not hit by the hail fell in Rioja in mid-June, nor were we affected by the frosts that came earlier.

The quantities produced this year were back up to normal, thanks to good rains, after a couple of short harvests caused by drought.

Clos Cibonne Harvest 2014

We harvested quickly this year, between the 3rd and the 11th of October, finishing before the rains and the arrival of botrytis.

In the end, we picked very mature grapes this year, but balanced by a good acidity that is not excessively malic.

- Iñigo Manso de Zúniga

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