Clos Cibonne 2014 Harvest

Clos Cibonne Harvest

In 2014 Zeus, as the god of sun and rain, made his presence felt. From Mount Olympus he sent forth lightning and storms. He would chase the clouds away, only to then bring them back to make it rain again at a whim. We usually think of winemakers as falling under the realm of Dionysus, but in 2014 we are forced to conclude that it is the supreme god of the pantheon who left his mark on the vintage, such was the unpredictability of the weather...

Clos Cibonne Harvest 2014

Winter and spring: abundant rains. At the beginning of June, during flowering, water reserves were quite good for Provence. Consequence: vigorous growth in the spring.

July and August: cool and rainy. Around the Mediterranean, temperatures were 0.5 degree centigrade below normal on average. Nights were cool, very good for the development of aromas. Consequence: Delay of the onset of ripening and problems of powdery mildew.

Early September: a beneficial warm spell. For 2 weeks, it was very hot (over 30 degrees centigrade) and dry, with light winds. Consequence: healthy grapes with lots of concentration, an accelerated maturation, and an increase of polyphenols.

Clos Cibonne Harvest 2014

In the end, the area of Le Pradet benefited from ideal maturation conditions. The wines are powerful and have good structure.

In conclusion, despite the challenge thrown at us by Zeus, the 2014 vintage has given us some remarkable wines, such that even a god might want some at his table on Olympus.

- Claude Deforges

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