Xarmant 2013 Harvest

Xarmant Harvest

This year, the primary difficulty was the lack of spring. That period was cold and rainy, with late frosts. Flowering occurred at the end of May. Summer weather was erratic, with periods of rain followed by periods of intense heat. The complicated maturation of the grapes, and led to the development of downy mildew and caused the loss of fruit.

This unfortunate summer was luckily followed by an early autumn that could not have been better. The breezes came back and favored a good ripening, drying out the vineyards and stopping the development of botrytis.

Xarmant Harvest 2013

Harvest occurred between October 13th and October 20th. 300,000kg of grapes were harvested, 25% less than last year.

Despite the irregularities of the vegetative cycle, the fruit ended up being of very high quality. It came in at 11.5% potential alcohol and with a lovely aromatic profile.