Thierry Tissot 2013 Harvest

Thierry Tissot Harvest

May 2013 was particularly cold and wet, which entailed a late vegetative cycle, about 3 weeks later than average. Luckily, the following months were much more favorable. The first week of September in particular was hot and sunny, and the end result was perfectly mature and healthy grapes.

Thierry Tissot Harvest 2013

Harvest started on October 1st, the latest harvest date ever for Tissot, and lasted through the 11th. Grape maturation occurred late but very quickly, as though the grapes were trying to catch up, and this led to a very interesting balance of sugar and acidity.

Yields were very low this year as well, mostly due to the cold spring. The quality did not suffer, though: on the contrary, the small number of grapes resulted in good concentration and wonderful aromatics. After fermentation, the wines are showing great promise in tank.