Ostatu 2013 Harvest

Ostatu Harvest

For Ostatu, there was nothing easy about this vintage. The vineyards required constant attention. In the end though, a slow maturation resulted in very balanced grapes.

The autumn and winter this year were some of the rainiest on record in the region. Replenishing, intense rain was nearly constant from November to February. May was cold and saw some light frosts that affected some of the lower vineyards. These were not severe but they did decrease the amount of fruit, as did the chilly weather during bud break and flowering. Temperatures came back to normal at the end of June, allowing for full if delayed ripening.

Ostatu Harvest 2013

Harvest began with the white grapes of Viura and Malvasía on the 7th of October and lasted until the 10th. Harvest of the red grapes started just the next day, on the 11th, and lasted until the 28th.

Despite decreased quantity, the balance of sugar and acid in the grapes this year means the wines should be of great quality. Another positive is that the intense rains of the winter and spring really replenished water stocks, which will be very helpful for the next few years.