Dominio do Bibei 2013 Harvest

Dominio do Bibei Harvest

Though this was a year with very late maturation, the grapes came into the winery in perfect health, with great acidity and alcohol levels around 13% for the reds and 12.5% for the whites.

April, May and June were very cold this year. Late frosts and hail were a problem at this time. The summer was dry and warm, though, and the nice weather allowed for full maturity to be achieved towards the end of September.

Dominio do Bibei Harvest 2013

Harvest occurred between the 22nd of September and the 14th of October, with a total of 130,000kg harvested. It’s still quite early to judge, but the initial impression is that this will be a good year for the whites and a great year for the reds.