Clos Cibonne 2013 Harvest

Clos Cibonne Harvest

2013 will be remembered as a difficult vintage, mostly due to the fickle, unusual weather.

Spring was rainy and cold, so the whole vegetative cycle was later than normal. Summer didn’t really arrive until early July, the sudden heat contrasting intensely with a chilly and wet June. The vines were therefore split between trying to develop grapes and growing leaves, an awkward situation.

Of course, the rain and humidity also favored the development of mildew and powdery mildew. Close surveillance and precise treatments kept there diseases at bay though, and the grapes were generally healthy.

Clos Cibonne Harvest 2013

Harvest started about 3 weeks later than last year, and stretched on longer than normal, from September 4th to October 4th. The unusual weather had some odd consequences on grape maturity this year: normally precocious parcels ripened late, and vice versa.

Despite the difficulties, the results are overall quite good. The juices from grapes picked early in the harvest are very different than those from later in the harvest, which will allow for great possibilities during the assemblage phase. In the end, this is a very promising vintage.