César Florido 2013 Harvest

Cesar Florido Harvest

Harvest in Sherry country is not really subject to the same vagaries as other regions, with the weather being quite reliable. That said, conditions were optimal this year for a great harvest. Spring was warm, and summer was hot and dry. In the end, maturity was perfect and yields were at normal levels.

The harvest of César Florido’s Palomino in the Miraflores Alto vineyard occurred from the 9th the 15th of September, with a total quantity of 146,000 liters. Fermentation is happening slowly, in the traditional manner, with a potential alcohol level of 11.5% and acidity at 4.42g/L.

Cesar Florido Harvest 2013

The Moscatel was harvested between the 16th and the 22nd of September, with a total quantity of 96,000 liters. Acidity is at 5.32g/L. Potential alcohol level is 14.4%, but with the addition of alcohol happening when the must reaches 1%.