A Coroa 2013 Harvest

A Coroa Harvest

2013 is looking like a promising vintage for A Coroa.

This year, winter in Valdeorras was cold and especially rainy. Temperatures in spring were normal, with slightly above average levels of rain, and summer was dry and warm. The vegetative cycle occurred normally, with no significant problems of diseases, frosts, or hail.

As every year, the harvest at A Coroa was staggered because the grapes at the different sites reach optimum maturity at different times. In addition, episodes of rain forced some pauses in the harvest. In the end, the harvest lasted from the 18th September to the 8th of October. The total harvest the year was 93,000 kilos.

A Coroa Harvest 2013

Grape maturity came a little late, but in the end was optimal. Grape health was also nearly perfect, despite the amount of of rain. Well-ventilated vineyards kept diseases like botrytis at bay.

The analysis of the must at the winery shows alcohol levels at 12.5% and total acidity at 7.2g/L.