Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia

Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia

Orujo is a pomace brandy (a transparent spirit obtained from the distillation of the solid remains left after pressing of the grape) from northern Spain. The name comes from the expression "aguardiente de orujo" (pomace firewater). Galicia is well known for producing these types of spirits.

Gerardo Mendez has been working tirelessly for the last twenty years to resurrect an ancient family tradition of producing handcrafted Orujo. Made from the pomace of the Do Ferreiro AlbariƱo, this Orujo is double distilled and aged 12 months in tank.

Tasting Notes The palate is smooth with fresh, mentholated essences of fruits, finishing with a mouth coating persistency.

Serving Recommendation Serve chilled, after dinner in a small cordial glass.

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