Do Ferreiro Licor de Hierbas de Galicia

Do Ferreiro Licor de Hierbas de Galicia

Licor de Hierbas is an herb-infused Orujo from Galicia. The Orujo, a transparent spirit obtained from the distillation of the solid remains left after pressing of the grape, is macerated with a selection of herbs that impart its distinctive color and flavor.

Gerardo Mendez has been working tirelessly for the last twenty years to resurrect an ancient family tradition of producing handcrafted Orujo and Licor de Hierbas. Made from the pomace of the Do Ferreiro AlbariƱo, this Orujo is double distilled and aged 12 months in tank before maceration with a selection of herbs including star anise, rosemary and saffron.

Tasting Notes Herbaceous notes reminiscent of thyme and rosemary end with a pleasant, soft finish.

Serving Recommendation Serve chilled, after dinner in a small cordial glass.

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