La Cigarrera

The next evolution in our exploration of Sherry brings one-liter formats of three key Sherry styles from the highly respected almacenista house of La Cigarrera. The vision of the project is simple: if the quality of cocktail ingredients matter, then the quality and authenticity of Sherry in bar programs must be better.

Our liter Sherry program combines two qualities which have been previously missing from the mixology landscape: quality, small-batch ingredients at a profitable cost-per-ounce price.

The liter format is ideal for innovative and quality-minded mixologists and bar programs, as well as high-volume restaurants with a focus on Sherry by the glass. These attributes, combined with the ease of use of liter bottles and reduction in waste, adds value in every category.

The key to the quality of La Cigarrera is the exceptional raw materials and the location of the winery. La Cigarrera is produced exclusively from vineyards in the Jerez Superior Denomination of Origin. They are still located in the original bodega from 1891 in the Plaza Madre de Dios in the Barrio Bajo (lower part) subzone of SanlĂșcar de Barrameda, possessing some of the oldest casks in town.

These factors are important to the flavor profile of La Cigarrera, as the location lends higher acidity, as well as elegance and complexity to the finished product.