Peña del Aguila Palo Cortado

Pena del Aguila Palo Cortado

The Peña del Aguila Palo Cortado is César Florido's Sacristia wine: a very rare, and private wine usually only drank for special occations. César has decided to share a very limited amount of this wine with us.

Vinification This Palo Cortado has been aged in solera for 38 years.

Tasting Notes An elegant Palo Cortado with an amber-mahogany color and aromas of nuts, vanilla and old wood.

Serving Temprature Peña del Aguila Palo Cortado should be served at European room temperature (65°F).

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  • Vine Age

    15-50 years

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  • Farming

    Lutte Raisonnée

  • Suggested Retail

    $73.00 (375ml)