BCN Gin is an innovative new artisan gin from Spain. BCN is made by blending a unique distillation of grenache and carignan grapes from the Priorat wine region with the aromatic purity of distilled Mediterranean botanicals and citrus. Crafted with ingredients sourced from high in the slate mountains of Catalonia and savored in Barcelona, the city which made the gin-tonic experience legendary, BCN is a tribute to the intensity and elegance of Barcelona nights.

The BCN experience is incredibly balanced and refined: a gin which can be served alone and unblended for lovers of purity and intensity, or following our Perfect Serve and enjoyed in a refreshing Barcelona-style gin and tonic. The versatility and elegance of BCN make it a flexible blending partner.

BCN Gin is the passion and design of Barcelona resident and master of spirit, Stefan Lismond, who learned the art of distillation in his native Belgium. The label and bottle are inspired by the iconic sidewalks of Barcelona, designed in 1916 by Escofet Tejera & Co., that are now a vibrant symbol of the culture and lifestyle of Barcelona.

Build List: Classics, Martinez, Bijou, Corpse Reviver #2, Ramos Gin Fizz, Last Word, French Pearl, Southside

BCN GiN & Tonic Perfect Serve:

Build and serve in a wine glass. Rinse the glass with red wine and large ice cubes until well chilled then strain out most of the wine. Fill glass with large ice cubes and add one red grape (halved), a wedge of lime, and a twist of lemon. Add 1 oz BCN Gin and gently add 1 bottle of Fever Tree Tonic. Stir and perfect serve. Watch on YouTube

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