Gerardo Méndez of Do Ferreiro has been instrumental in our continued exploration of new vineyards in Galicia. This friendship with Gerardo has borne continual fruit, of which Amizade is a fine exemplar. Monterrei, its region of production, is an area of Galician Spain on the border with Portugal. It is something of a no man’s land for wine given its remoteness and comparative lack of sophisticated approaches. In this challenging territory, Gerardo, working with a local grower, has selected clones from a vineyard called Quinturas. This is a pre-phylloxera parcel of centenarian vines, with predominantly sandy-slate soils. The site lies in the heart of Monterrei, in a valley where the cool nights extend the viticultural season. The vines here are planted along a north-south axis to capture as much sunlight as possible. Though this parcel incorporates many varietals, the grapes included in Amizade are Godello.

Vinification has all been carried out at a very sophisticated facility in the region, and has utilized native yeast with fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks. Bottled after six months of lees aging, this wine drinks well upon release and benefits also from bottle aging.