Destilerías Acha
Vino Vermouth Blanco

Vino Vermouth Blanco

Founded in 1831, Destilerías Acha is one of the oldest businesses in continuous operation in the Basque Country of Spain. The company has been owned by the Acha family since 1886 and is led today by the savvy Gabriel Acha. When Gabriel took control of the distillery it was on the verge of bankruptcy. In just a few years’ time he brought it back to solid ground with a tremendous revitalization. The majority of Acha’s wide range of products are sold and consumed in its native Basque region, and we are fortunate to import the products closest to Acha’s Basque heritage, pacharán and vermouth.

Acha’s classically Basque vermouth syncs beautifully with the larger vermouth tradition in Spain, heavily represented in Madrid, Barcelona, and the Basque Country. In restaurants throughout the Basque Country, a weekend meal begins with a ceremonial vermouth service. Decanters of vermouth are presented on a tray with ice, sparkling water, olives, wedges of cut citrus, and two small bitters bottles: one full of Campari and the other filled with London Dry Gin. Each guest dictates their preferred garnish and ingredients, which the waiter then serves tableside.

  • Flavor Traditional botanicals including gentian, wormwood, and bitter orange
  • Keg Atxa Vino Vermouth Blanco comes in a 20L, recyclable PolyKeg with a standard sankey coupler. We recommend using nitrogen gas for taps, but please consult your keg tech.