Destilerias Acha

Destilerías Acha

Founded in 1831, Destilerías Acha has been at the forefront of distillation in the Basque Country for years. The distillery is located in Amurrio, 50 km from the Cantabrian Sea. Today, Gabriel Acha maintains the traditions and recipes passed down by his ancestors for the distillation and creation of liqueurs and spirits with all natural ingredients. The distillery is famous for many products including the traditional Basque after-dinner drink known as Pacharán.

Pacharán is a sloe berry-infused liqueur with ancient roots in the Basque Country. There are many commercial versions of this liqueur, but the Acha family maintains an authentic recipe handed down by their ancestors. Local sloe berries from the Sierra de Orduña are macerated with an alcohol that has been distilled five times. Another batch of this alcohol is used to macerate three types of anise and is then distilled once more. Once both macerations are complete, these two products are blended with sugar and additional alcohol to create Pacharán Sierra de Orduña.

Vino Vermouth is another traditional recipe the Acha family is keeping alive. Vermouth is a fortified and aromatized wine that is macerated with a selection of herbs, fruits and roots. The word “vermouth” comes from the German word for “wormwood”, which was originally one of its primary infused ingredients