A.O.C. Côtes de Provence

Côtes de Provence

>Clos Cibonne

Well known for its beautiful climate, Provence is a region bathed in the sun. Despite its natural beauty, the classification, or more appropriately amalgamation, of this broad area into one region seems inaccurate. The appellations within Provence are very distinct and the grapes change from location to location. The climate varies greatly throughout; the northernmost areas are very similar to the Rhône while in the south we find a very distinctly Mediterranean climate. Provence is defined by its sun, its rolling hillsides and the herbs that constitute its garrigue: rosemary, thyme and lavender.

Ten different appellations make up this swath of land and the wines vary greatly from one appellation to the next. Côtes de Provence is one of these appellations and is largely known for its rosés, accounting for ninety percent of the wines produced here.

Five different terroirs make up the Côtes de Provence: the famous Mont Sainte-Victoire area, the Beausset basin, le Haut-Pays, the interior valley, and the coastal area.